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Harvest calendar


Kale, kohlrabi and sugar snap peas are in harvest at the moment, 

At the end of the month, the first raspberries will start to ripe.

There should still be plenty of gourmet products from last year's harvest.


Carrots and swedes are still being harvested, maybe some brassicas also if the weather is kind to us.

But now the most important job at the farm is to finish harvesting as soon as possible. After all, winter is coming. 

Gourmet products from this years harvest will be available from this month on, maybe even something new and never seen before ? 


Kale, sugar snap peas and raspberries are in harvest. All kinds of brassicas will join them one by one.

There should still be plenty of gourmet products, but some of them might start to sell out.


Brassicas are selling out fast, but root vegetables will still be in stores. This is the perfect time to buy in bulk, make sauerkraut and try new recipes.  

The Gourmet products make the perfect christmas gifts, just saying. 


This month all kind of brassicas will be in harvest. 

Carrot harvest will also be in full swing, and if you are lucky there might still be raspberries available. 

Some Gourmet products will be available, others will have sold out by now. But soon this years harvest will be used to make more.


Don't forget to buy carrots and swedes for christmas. They make a perfect side dish.

Hope to see some of you at this years christmas markets

This is the time to enjoy a fresh harvest while there is still plenty left. 


There should still be carrots and maybe swedes available in stores, but soon the wait for next years harvest starts.  

This seasons job at the farm is mainly to plan what to grow next season. Some seeds have probably already been ordered even. 

You should treat yourself to some Gourmet products. You deserve it



What ever the temperature is outside it's officially spring in the polytunnels. Seeds are being sown, both in pots to later transplant in the outdoor gardens, and directly in beds in the polytunnels. 

Also. Isn't  it BBQ season already? 

Mix Carrot or Turnip Chutney with some sour cream to make the perfect cold sauce. Goes well with both meat and vegetables. 



In my opinion spring begins around mid February, at least there is less darkness.

The Gourmet product are waiting for you to buy them and experiment different ways to use them in recipes.



Now its´s time to work the soil in the outdoor gardens. Carrots and swedes are sown directly outside.

The weather is probably a little unpredictable, so everything is planned around next days weather forecast.

Don´t forget, Carrot chutney is the perfect hamburger topping. 

And Kale salt goes really well with all things potatoes.  



At the farm its time to finish planning the season and making sure all seeds and equipments are here  and ready for spring. 

Need a birthday gift, houswarming gift or any other kind of gift?

Im pretty sure Kale Salt fits the job perfectly



Brassicas are being transplanted to the gardens and weed management is a very important task. 

This is probably the busiest month of the year.

Now the excitement for fresh harvest really begins.

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