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Breiðargerði, what´s that?

Breiðargerði is an organic vegetable farm located in Skagafjörður, more specifically in the former Lýtingsstaðarhreppur district. A variety of vegetables with organic certification are grown there, mainly in outdoor cultivation but also in unheated polytunnels. The farm also has a few ducks and chickens.​

Under Breiðargerði's banner, a wide variety of gourmet products are also produced, where primarily they are working with ingredients that would be labelles as 2nd class and would otherwise have gone to waste. These include f. ex crooked carrots and offcuts, but also underutilized resources such as yarrow and crowberries.

The founder of Breiðargerði

Elínborg Erla bought Breiðargerði farm in 2015, but it had not been in agricultural use since 1975. The land is at an altitude of around 170 meters above sea level and the weather conditions can be challenging.

The challenges are therefore many, many tasks have been completed and even more remain to make Breiðargerði a thriving horticulture center.

Elínborg oversees and takes care of the day-to-day work at the garden centre, in addition to designing all the recipes and taking care of the production of the gourmet products.

Elínborg graduated from the Horticultural School of Iceland in the spring of 2020, where she studied horticultural production with a specialization in organic farming.

In addition, she has completed studies at the School of Housekeeping in Hallormsstaður, where she gained valuable knowledge that is useful in food production. In addition, she has attended numerous courses related to gardening and food production.

A passion for everything related to horticulture, foraging and respect for nature is her motivation.

Please take a look at Breiðargerði's Instagram and Facebook pages to get more insight into daily work at the farm. @breidargerdi

Why certified organic?

All crops and agriculture have an environmental impact, but organic farming strives to make this impact as little as possible.

In organic farming, neither herbicides nor pesticides are used, and no imported chemical fertilizers are used. The fertilizers are organic and as much from the local environment as possible. Organic waste is composted and returned to the cycle, and crop rotation is practised. Crop rotation works in such a way that it varies between years which species is grown where, which reduces the likelihood that diseases and soil fatigue will manifes.

Organic certification from an independent party is the basis for selling products labeled as organic. In this country, it is Vottunnarstofan Tún that issues such certification.

Organic certification gives the consumer a lot of security, he knows what he is buying and on Tún's website you can access the rules that organic production must meet:

For more information regarding certified organic production in Iceland you can visit the website of the project Lífrænt Ísland:

Hvar fást vörurnar?

What is available and where may vary seasonally. This list is updated regularly

Do you want to sell products from Breiðargerði? Contact:

Fresh vegetables: 

Bíll smáframleiðenda /

Skagfirðingabúð, Sauðárkróki

Olís, Varmahlíð

Goumet products


Bíll smáframleiðenda /

           -they have a webshop 

Bláfell, Sauðárkróki

Gránu Bistro Sauðárkróki

Olís, Varmahlíð

Rúnalist Gallerí, Stórhóll

You are also welcome to contact us on facebook, instagram or to order

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