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Breiðargerði garðyrkjustöð
Lífrænt grænmeti 
& sælkeravörur

Seasonal production

Breiðargerði is a certified organic vegetable producer. Crops are mainly grown in fields outdoors, but production also takes place to a small extent in polytunnels. The availability of vegetables is therefore tied to their harvest time, and is mainly in late autumn. ​ Along with growing vegetables, a wide range of gourmet products are produced, such as Carrot Chutney and Kale Salt. The production mainly uses "2nd grade produce" and other by-products from the vegetable cultivation, as well as wild plants collected in Breiðargerði. The production of the gourmet products   helps to combat food waste at the garden center and creates value from otherwise underutilized ingredients. 

As a result, product selection is not always the same but varies seasonally and by what ingredients are available.

Please take a look at the production calendar to get a better idea of ​​what is available at any given time, and where the products are available.

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